Robert Cragg professional headshot by Studio G Photography


First of all a very Happy New Year from Lisa and Robert at Studio G Photography. We’re buzzing with ideas for 2019, and we hope you are too.

New Year is traditionally time to take stock of things, see where changes and improvements can be made, and then resolve to make it happen. Sadly, that’s as far as most of us get.

So here’s a suggestion for something that’s very easy to do: have a look at your profile picture on social media and your website. What does it say about you?  Is your LinkedIn profile picture cut out from a wedding you went to a few years ago, or a fetching picture of you on the beach or in a pub? Is the picture of you on your website one that was taken more years ago than you care to remember? Would we recognise you if we met you now?

We live in a very visual world, and research we’ve read suggests that we spend as little as 1/20th of a second making a snap judgment about whether to read the detail on a profile or website.  One twentieth of a second! So if you want your picture to say ‘Hi, I’m friendly and reliable, you can trust me’ or ‘I’m serious and business like, very reliable’ or even ‘I’m a bit wacky and lots of fun – we’ll do crazy things together’ you need to make sure that that’s exactly what your photograph says. And not only that, that message needs to be consistent with the business you run and the brand you’ve developed.

In fact, we prefer the term ‘business portrait’ to headshot, because it needs as much care as a portrait. If you trust us with creating your business portrait, we’ll start by talking to you about your business and your own personality. We’ll talk about where your portrait should be taken – in our studio, in your workplace, or just out and about – and about what you’re going to wear. That way we can make sure that when you upload your new photograph, you’ll be confident that it’s going to do its job as well as you do yours.

For a chat about how we could work with you to create the perfect business portrait, call Robert on 07793 867514 or email