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Everything you ever wanted to know about Studio G Photography but were afraid to ask.

Photography Less Ordinary

Here at Studio G Photography we know that while some of our clients can’t wait to get in front of a camera, for others it’s a bit of an ordeal, so we put a lot of effort into making everyone feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Whether you’re here for a memorable family portrait, a beautiful newborn baby photoshoot, a children’s photoshoot party, a fabulous piece of Fairytography artwork or a business headshot, we’ll try our hardest to put you at ease from the outset, by making sure we know exactly what you want, and giving you just the right amount of advice where you’re not sure.

The majority of our business is portrait and party photography, but we’re also happy to photograph business and family events and provide photobooths for special occasions and parties of all types. We have a number of commercial clients for whom we provide headshots, business portraits, images for websites and promotional material.

We’re based in Yorkshire Street, in the heart of Oldham. Like everything else we do, our base is rooted in the community, in the Hack Oldham building. Established in 2015, Hack Oldham is a community owned and operated co-working and makerspace bringing technology, crafts and other general fun within the reach of all. We’ve been part of Hack Oldham from the initial planning stages, and we feel very much at home there. We have plenty of space and all the facilities we need. We can promise all our visitors a warm welcome, a brew, and free wifi. We also have a separate meeting room when privacy is needed.

We are easy to reach by public transport or by car, with local parking (paid) available, and we’re few minutes’ walk from pubs, restaurants and a brand new cinema. We have 24/7 access to the building, so we can be available when our clients need us.

We are very proud of what we’ve created at Studio G. But don’t just take our word for it. Come and have a look round and have a coffee on us. Just call us to let us know you’re coming and we’ll warm up the coffee machine.

Lisa and Robert

Lisa Marie Gee

Lisa is a specialist children’s photographer and is Studio G’s co-founder and our Artistic Director and Principal Photographer. This is what she says about her passion for photography:

I am a self-confessed photography addict. I love absolutely everything to do with photography. Documentary on a famous photographer? Better add it to my queue. A giant, glossy coffee table book loaded with stunning pictures? Oh, my heart! A local meet-up with fellow photographers? Count me in!

Whether I’m snapping pictures, editing photographs from a session or chatting over a coffee with clients old and new, my life absolutely revolves around my camera (and my family, too, of course).

It all started in 2009, when I upgraded from a point and shoot to my first, second hand DSLR camera, shortly after the birth of my son. It revolutionised my photography and I was instantly hooked. I devoured photography books and watched countless YouTube tutorials in my quest to learn as much as I could. Within weeks I was saving up for a brand new camera.

From that moment onward, I was 100%, hooked on photography. It turned out I was quite good at it, especially after I joined and threw myself headlong into attending as many events and workshops as I could. With my husband’s insistence and a healthy urging from family and friends, I took my first tentative steps into the world of professional photography, working with a portable studio kit that fit into the boot of my tiny Ford Ka. A bigger camera and then a bigger car followed (the former costing more than the latter) as I took on more and more jobs and grew in confidence.

In March 2015, on my birthday in fact, I took a massive leap of faith and decided to take on my own photography studio with the backing and support of a new business partner and old friend, Robert Cragg (a fellow photography addict).

Since then our lives have taken a major turn for the amazing. We spend our days meeting with incredible clients, planning fantastic photoshoots and then editing the pictures that we took. My favourite part, though? The reactions of my clients when they get their photographs. Knowing that I helped them preserve a moment in time — for the rest of their lives and for future generations — is a feeling that will never, ever get old.

Children’s photography is my absolute favourite thing. I’m never than when shooting child portraits, either in the Oldham studio or out on location, and I am working hard on taking a fine art direction with my work, creating fantasy and composite works of art for my young clients.

I hope that after looking at this website you will decide you would like to work with us at Studio G and we can get on with creating some everlasting memories for you.”

Robert Cragg

Hello. I’m a Director of Studio G, and also a photographer.

Most of my time is spent on the commercial side of our business, such as business headshots and business portraits and photographing events such as meetings, conferences and other special occasions. I also assist Lisa with portrait shoots and we work together on photoshoot parties and photobooths

I deal with most of the client enquiries and bookings, and look after the business management side of things.

Photography is my second career, having spent 30 years in Human Resources. Two of the things I most enjoyed about that job were the variety – no two days were exactly the same – and the fact that I was meeting and working with all sorts of people. The same is true of photography, and perhaps that’s what attracted me to it.  Like most people, I had taken holiday photographs and pictures of my children over the years without thinking too much about the quality of the pictures I was taking. With the advent of digital photography, I had a reasonable quality camera but it was almost always set on ‘automatic’, because I had no idea what the other settings did and it seemed too difficult to learn. Looking back on some of those photographs now, I wish I’d known more about what I was doing. Apart from the family, my main interest was bird-watching, and when I started using my camera more to take pictures of birds and wildlife, and I realised that ‘point and shoot’ just wouldn’t do. The turning point for me was when I took early retirement in 2010. As one of my leaving gifts I received a voucher for a one-day photography training course. It was a revelation. Suddenly the camera controls made sense, and I made every effort to stay away from ‘automatic’ and to take control of my camera.

I would probably have pottered along like, but things changed when I became friends with Lisa. . She encouraged me to take my photography further, and with her support and proper training, I experienced all types of photography and techniques and, like Lisa, I was hooked.

When the opportunity came along of starting our own business in a studio, it seemed like an obvious thing to do. Working as a professional photographer – bringing quality images to individuals and businesses – is very satisfying, and great fun.

Our Ethos

The values we agreed on when we first set Studio G Photography up, and which we try to adhere to every day.
  • We believe in the power of photography to improve the lives of individuals, families and communities, by creating and sharing memories, and building self-belief and confidence.
  • We will always treat everyone we work with, in any capacity, with respect and dignity, and we will expect the same in return. We will continue to develop and nurture the ‘Studio G family’.
  • In our working practices, we recognise the conflicting demands placed on our clients, our colleagues and ourselves. We will always work as flexibly as possible to accommodate those demands, and will always put our own families first.
  • We are a family friendly business, and this will be reflected in the work we are willing – and not willing – to do. We do not do work that involves nudity, although we will not judge those who do.
  • We recognise that women in particular are often portrayed disrespectfully in photography, and our work will never show women in a less than positive way. Rather, we will strive to portray women as strong and independent and endeavour to use photography to help them feel good about themselves.
  • We are supportive of local businesses, particularly SMEs. We will, whenever possible, choose to work with and encourage local businesses.
  • We are firmly rooted in the community of Oldham, and we will give what support we can to local community groups and organisations.
  • We will do our best to ensure that our pricing is fair and reasonable. We believe in quality over price, and will always produce the best quality we can at the best price we can offer.
  • We will seek at all times to conduct ourselves and our business in a professional manner that reflects positively on our industry as well as ourselves.

Make it fun

Values aside, our number one rule at Studio G Photography is that portrait sessions should be fun. We want everyone to have a good time.

Our Team

These are the people we call upon to work with us on a regular basis. They are all highly recommended and we couldn’t function without them.
Kaylie Wright

Kaylie Wright


Multi-talented Kaylie runs her own dance school, Ultimate Dance, in Shaw, when she is not choreographing Pop Diva parties for us. Kaylie can play the role of several princesses, is a charming children’s entertainer and can also turn her hand to hair and makeup when needed.

Sharon Ball

Sharon Ball

Makeup Artist

Sharon has been a make-up artist for 7 years and a further education tutor and assessor for the past 4 years. She was a MAC artist for 3 of those years, attended Val Garland’s School of make-up and continued to maintain links with artists and industry whilst teaching. She wandered in to an open day at Studio G three years ago and has been a vital member of the team ever since. She understands the way we work instinctively and contributes some excellent creative ideas.