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Events come in all shapes and sizes, but whatever your event it will be more successful with the help of a professional photographer.

 It might be a family gathering – a birthday or anniversary party, or a family reunion.

 Perhaps it’s a business event – an important meeting, conference, training day, a special guest speaker, an awards ceremony.

 Or maybe you’re organising a fundraiser or charity event.

Whatever the nature of your event, we can put together a package tailored to your needs, to ensure that those important moments are captured forever. Of course we understand that almost everyone there will be taking snaps on their phones, but that’s not really the same has having quality images, carefully composed and lit, than can be used to publicise your event in print and on social media.

 For businesses, we can also use the opportunity of an event to create or update your business portraits while everyone’s in the same place – that’s real saving in time and money.

 So whatever event you’re planning, talk to us as part of the process. It costs nothing to find out how we can help you, and we’ll always work within your budget.

having a party?

We can capture the festivities as they happen, or we can set up our mobile studio to capture formal portraits of erach of your guests as they arrive. Fancy comehting a bit less formal? Book the Studio G Photobooth, grab some props and be as silly as you like. 


We love a good wedding as much as the next person. But you won’t find us directing endless group shots outside the church. What you’ll get from us is photographers who blend into the background, capturing the day as it happens, without interfering, in a natural journalistic style and usually in beautiful black and white.

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