Children less ordinary

and how we photograph them
At Studio G, we know from our own experience that caring for a child with additional needs can be very challenging. A concern we hear a lot is how difficult it can be to get a nice photograph, either of the child alone or a family group. That’s particularly, but not uniquely, true for children on the autistic spectrum.

We don’t have solutions for all of the many issues you have to deal with, but we do know about photography, and we can do our very best to give you the photographs you want.

So what makes our approach different?


Whilst we do have experience of working with children with additional needs, we know that no two children are the same, so our starting point is to get to understand your child’s specific needs and issues. As a parent or carer, you know best how they are likely to react to being photographed, and what might help. So we start with having a chat with you, and perhaps your child, before we even think about getting a camera out.



We think time is the key to success. Most photographers work to a strict timetable, but we understand that you might not be able to arrive when you planned, because the unexpected happens. We allow plenty of time for the booking, to make sure your child has time to get used to us, and our studio, and our kit. We need to build up rapport and trust, and it can be an hour before we actually take any photographs. Sometimes we don’t take any and arrange another session. We’ll take as much time as we need to get the right results.


We’re based in the centre of Oldham, with a loading bay right outside and parking nearby. We’re also close to bus and tram stops. Inside, our office and studio space are fully accessible.

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