We recently had an interesting enquiry. A lady called to tell us she’s embarking on a diet and fitness improvement regime because she wants to feel – and look – better. Quite a common thing at New Year, and in itself unremarkable. We all do it; and most of us fall off the wagon fairly quickly.

But this lady – let’s call her Jane – had a great idea. She’s booking a photoshoot for herself in a few months’ time to give herself an extra bit of motivation and something to aim at. Jane reckons that if she has a photoshoot, including a full makeover, in the diary, she’ll want to make sure the photograph she gets shows the best possible version of herself.

So what can we do to support Jane – and you –  in achieving that goal, whatever it might be? The process starts with a conversation – in person, on the phone or on-line. We want to understand why you want your photograph. What’s it for? How are you planning to display it? What do you want it to say about you? What’s your natural style – informal, traditional, a bit off-the-wall? All of these questions, and more, will influence what type of portrait our Creative Director Lisa will take.

When we know what we’re doing, we’ll book a shoot at a time to suit you. It will probably be in our studio, but we’re perfectly happy to do it somewhere else, or even outdoors, if that’s what’s going to work best.

At the shoot, the makeover comes first. Our fabulous Principal Makeup Artist Sharon Ball has a wealth of experience and bags of creativity, and only works with top quality brands, so she’ll make sure you look just right for the shoot.

Makeupartist Sharon Ball at work for Studio G Photography

The shoot itself will probably last from half an hour to an hour, but we don’t rush things. We’ll make sure you feel comfortable and look great. Many people say they don’t like having their photograph taken, but we promise  to put you at your ease.

A week or so after the shoot, when we’ve edited the images and selected the best of the bunch, we’ll invite you back to the studio to see them. We’ll work with you to make the right choices that suit your aspirations and your budget. We never EVER go for the hard sell. We’ll talk you through the products we have to offer and make sure you get the best value we can offer.

And that’s it! A week or two later, depending on what you order, your beautiful images will be in your hands.

Makeover photoshoot by Studo G Photography

And how much does all of this cost? We charge a shoot fee of £35, which includes a souvenir 8”x6” print.  An optional professional makeover from Sharon costs £55. And prints, beautifully framed with non-reflective glass and ready to hang, start from just £75 for a 12”x8” photograph.

To find out more, or book an initial chat, email us on office@studiog-oldham.co.uk or call Lisa on 07771 553535.

Makeover photoshoot by Studio G Photography