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It’s said that you only have one chance to create a first impression, and that’s no less true in the business world than in your private life. On your website, Facebook business page, Linkedin profile and even on your business card, your photograph is the first thing people will notice before they read anything about your skills, experience or qualifications.

So if that’s true, why would you want that photograph to be less than a perfect representation of the person you want to present to your clients and colleagues? Does that photo you’ve cropped out of a wedding group, or the selfie you took in a bar on the beach really say ‘professional’? We’ve seen many poor or inappropriate photographs used in a business context – and we guess you have too.

Surely it would make more sense to have a headshot or portrait that was carefully planned, well lit and edited just so? One that puts across the sort of person you are – whether that be confident, relaxed, assertive, formal or fun?

We will help you think through the images you need, we’ll shoot them in our studio, at your workplace or on site – whatever is the most appropriate – then present you with perfectly edited digital files ready for you to use.

Our packages start at £99 for the preparation, the shoot against two different backgrounds in two outfits if required, four fully edited digital images and selection of other shots. If you need a more comprehensive package, we’d be happy to work something with you.


We want to make sure that if you book a portrait shoot with us, you have the very best experience possible, and end up with the photographs you want. A lot of our work is done before we even pick up a camera. We start with having a conversation with you – on the phone or over a brew in our office, whichever you prefer – so that we understand exactly what you want.

For example, what do you want the portrait for? Does it need to be very corporate in style, or do you want to show something of your personality? Understanding all of this makes a big difference to how we shoot the portrait, and is something you just don’t get with all photographers.

Before the shoot, we’ll send you a guide to help you get the best out of the occasion, covering our most frequently asked questions such as what to wear and what to avoid. After the shoot, we’ll invite you back to our custom viewing room to see your photographs, and we’ll help you to make a choice that meets your needs.

We can promise you that there will be no high-pressure sales, that’s just not our style. And of course, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Our Essential Business Portrait Package is just £99 and includes:

Studio, office or location photoshoot as required

Two outfits/backgrounds

Full image editing/retouching

Two high res digital files

We try to keep the initial costs as low as we can because we understand that people don’t want to lay out a lot of money upfront before they have even seen the photographs. But we are confident that our work speaks for itself and that once you see the images we have taken you will want to own them.

You will be offered the chance to upgrade when you come to view your images. But you won’t get a hard sell from us. We want you to leave here happy and want to recommend us to your friends and family. If there is anything else you would like to know please ask. We have examples of our work available to show you and we’re always happy for potential clients to pop in for a look around, a brew and a chat.

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