Introducing a slight twist on our standard Pamper and Pose photoshoot pamper parties, we are delighted to announce Pop Diva Girl Band parties.

We will treat your girls like pop princesses from start to finish. On arrival they will be treated to a mini makeover ready for a magazine photoshoot, where we will shoot them for the cover of their very own music mag. They will choose their own girl band name and be taught a dance routine by our resident entertainer/choreographer. At the end of the party they will perform their routine on our stage set for the parents present, before leaving the party with a goody bag each and a copy of their magazine cover.

All the photos from the session will be put into an online gallery from where the girls can download and share their favourites, or parents can order prints if they wish. Throughout the party we will play the girls' favourite music from a Spotify soundtrack you submit or we compile on your behalf. Or bring your own phone or MP3 player to plug into our studio speaker.

Pop Diva Girl Band Parties

£199 /up to six children

Extra children may be added at £22 each

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