Photoshoot Pamper Party Themes

We are always open to discuss ideas for party themes and we will do whatever we can to help you devise a theme if you want one. But here are some of the party themes we have used before. Some crop up regularly, others were a one-off:  

Fairies: We have a choice of two enchanted woodland backgrounds to choose from, plus a selection of wings and wands.

  Gabrielle-1113-Edit Gabrielle-1109-Edit Gabrielle-1097 Gabrielle-1044_pp-Edit  


  Ashleigh-1012 Spidey-1020  


  Ellie-1211 Ellie-1214 Ellie-1245 Ellie-1248  

Football or Sport:

  gab-2004 Knotts-1175 minishoot-1074 minishoot-1134  

Gymnastics and Dance:

  Jasmin -1075 Madison-1258 Madison-1293 Untitled-1  


  Lexi balloons balloonsAmber-1158  


  Millie-1008-Edit Millie-1050-Edit Scarlett-1043 snow friends  

Rock Chicks:

  Jasmin -1081 Jasmin -1068 gab-2063 Bowie-1037  

Black and White:

  Thea-3080 Shannon-1094 Shannon-1083 Shannon-1027  

Outdoors Indoors:

  Ruby-1492-Edit Ruby-1418-Edit garden  

Tiaras and Tutus:

  tutus and tiaras    

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