Commercial Photography

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that has never been more true than it is today, when people increasingly – and sometimes exclusively – get their news, opinions, friendships, clients, entertainment and shopping from a screen. Whether it’s a conventional computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, research suggests that people take at most three seconds to decide whether to click and move on or to stay and explore further. Three seconds. You can’t read much in three seconds, but you can take in a lot of images. And you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Whether you’re promoting a product on your web page, or using social media to get your message across to existing or potential clients, the quality of the images you use will say a lot about you and your business. It’s vital that what they say is what you want them to say, and that they convey your values, quality, style, professionalism and attention to detail.

Fortunately, we’re here to help, and have extensive experience of helping large and small businesses and individuals to use photography to speak to their customers, colleagues and even potential employers.

Here are some of the types of commercial photography we can offer to help you achieve your objectives. If you need something that isn’t on the list, just get in touch for a chat, and we’ll see how we can help.

  • Business portraits – from headshots to full length portraits, in your office, in a studio or on-site depending on your business and your audience. Customers buy people before they buy goods and services – we’ll make sure your portrait does you justice.
  • Social media profiles – Facebook for your friends is one thing, but on LinkedIn or other business networks, you need to look professional. We’ll get to know you, and then take the shot that works for you.  
  • Professional portfolios – models, actors, musicians, dancers and other performing artists need a broad portfolio of images that show the range of their skills. We can advise you on what’s required, then help you put together a portfolio that shows you at your best.
  • Product and stock photography – we have photographed products as small as a micro-chip and as large as a dining suite. We can do this at your premises, in our studio or on location, and give you images for web or print. You’ll be licensed to use them any number of times, so no on-going costs.
  • Events – we can create a lasting record of  your conference or business event to give you something you can use on your website, Facebook page or in press and media releases. We also have the skills in-house to draft media releases to go with the images if that’s what you need.
  • Social activities – office party or social event? We can photograph the event and your guests, and if it would work for you we can run a print-on-the-spot photobooth for fun photography with lots of props to maximise the fun.

Here are some of the fantastic clients Studio G Photography has had the pleasure of working with: