Our Ethos

Our Values and Ethos

We believe in quality over price, therefore we will not chase low value low-end work. We will always produce the best quality we can at the best price we can offer.

We will always treat everyone we work with, in any capacity, with respect and dignity, and we will expect the same in return.

We recognise that women in particular are often portrayed disrespectfully in photography, and will not do work that does so. Rather we will strive to portray women as strong and independent and endeavour to use photography to help them feel good about themselves.

We are a family friendly business, and this will be reflected in the work we are willing – and not willing – to do and in our working practices.

We are supportive of local businesses, particularly SMEs.

We will seek at all times to conduct ourselves and our business in a professional manner that reflects positively on our industry as well as ourselves.